Key Staff Compensation

Our annual compensation survey provides state-of-the-art compensation research in the global asset management sector. The survey covers senior management, investment (includes Research and Dealing) and sales/distribution personnel on a global and country specific basis.

Our research indicates that asset management firms spend a median of c. 60% of their bonus pools on this key group.

A robust new approach to long-term incentive benchmarking

Our approach to valuing long-term incentive arrangements looks to place a value on these elements of reward which takes account of the underlying associated performance measures, thereby making benchmarks more accurate and comparable across different companies.  

More specifically our LTIP valuation accounts for:

  • All underlying performance measures and underpins
  • Levels of vesting under the performance schedule
  • Awards structured as options (where an exercise price is payable)
  • Allowance for whether or not dividends are paid 

Survey features

  • 40 key roles covering:
    • CEO, COO, CIO
    • Investment
    • Research
    • Dealing
    • Sales/distribution
    • Middle Office
    • HR
    • Risk/Legal/Compliance
    • IT
  • Facility to track Basic Salary, Total Cash and Total Compensation
  • Innovative approach to matching jobs using objective criteria
  • Multi-currency conversion facilities
  • Design and quality control by senior HR professionals experienced in asset management
  • “Include/exclude” feature for your firm’s data

Global analysis

This is the only survey that gives you a global perspective and analysis and multi-currency conversion facilities within one survey and for ONE fee.

Job family analysis

You can analyse your firm’s strategic position by job family and get answers to questions such as:

  • Global v regional v local
  • Institutional v retail sales
  • Fixed v equity investors

Security and confidentiality

Using SSL128 bit security facilities, the software provides you with a series of on-line reports that can also be downloaded into Excel. Standard reports include a compensation summary by role and the facility to provide data and graphs for match criteria specified by you.

Unique role matching methodology

Accurate role/job matching is the key to any successful and informative compensation survey. Your firm will benefit from a completely different approach to role matching that allows you:

  • to “auto search” for the best available match using our unique DataMatch algorithm
  • to access compensation data that is linked to:
    • exactly what they do
    • their functional, product, client and geographic specialism
    • for investors, whether or not they generate “alpha”, fixed or equity, active or index, FUM managed
    • for sales professionals, whether they are institutional, retail or sell both channels
    • for managers, how many people they manage, their country of operation and local, regional or global focus
    • how they personally perform
    • their years of experience

All you have to do is provide the data and DataMatch does the hard work of ensuring a like-for-like comparison.

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